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World Wide Beer Tour

How It Works:

  • Just ask your server or bartender for a free Beer Tour card and then fill out the information slip. 

  • Your electronic Crane Alley Beer Tour card is personalized and tracks every beer on your journey for you!

  • You’ll earn prizes after every 20 beers! (prizes & credits subject to change).

  • Once you’ve tried 100 different beers (not in one day), your tour is complete!

  • On that proud day, you get your name engraved on a Name Plate, which we will enshrine on our Wall of Fame!!


General Rules:

  • You must have your card with you to get credit.

  • Only four (4) beers will be recorded per day. We’ve got to make
    sure you get home in one piece.

  • Members get credit only for beers they (the individual tour Member) have consumed in that visit. (Beer that your friends drink do not count towards your tour).

  • You may not lend your card to someone else.  Cards will be confiscated.

  • Participants must be of legal drinking age (21 or older).

  • Each bottle, draft, tulip, chalice, snifter or mug counts as one credit.

  • To complete a tour you must have 100 different beers. (Member will receive one credit for each beer on their tour.)

  • Cards are non-transferable. Each individual is responsible for completing one's own tour. 

  • Crane Alley is not responsible for lost/stolen cards.

  • Rules subject to change without notice.

  • Beer Flights are not eligible for credits.

Current Prizes:

1st Tour

  • 20 Beers – Beer Tour Glass Mug 
  • 40 Beers – Beer Tour Bottle Opener / Key Chain

  • 60 Beers – $10 credit

  • 80 Beers – $10 credit

  • 100 Beers – Crane Alley Beer Tour T-shirt and engraved Name Plate on our Wall of Fame!!

Fun Fact:

Your Beer Tour card can also be used for our Lunch Rewards Program!  

For every 10 Sandwiches purchased, the 11th is on us!!

(Certain restrictions apply)

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